The Top 5 Worst Foods for your TeethApr 22 2014

Dental hygiene isn't too difficult if you keep a steady brushing schedule, manage good habits, and opt for healthier alternatives to sugar-packed snacks and meals. However, the worst foods for your teeth tend to be the best for your taste buds. Remember that everything is okay in moderation but there are a few foods that you should absolutely stay away from. Here are 5 in particular to cross off of your grocery list.

  1. Canned Fruit in Heavy Syrup. Canned fruit is a great solution for families who want to keep fruit on hand for cheap without worrying about it going bad. However, the heavy syrup that many canning companies use is packed with sugar. Most fruits are incredibly sweet by nature so there’s no reason to soakThe-Top-5-Worst-Foods-for-your-Teeth them in sugar solutions. Dried fruit is even almost worse because pieces can get stuck between teeth for hours and cause dental erosion. Opt for frozen or fresh fruit instead.
  2. Hard Candies. Acid from sugar can stay in your mouth for around 20 minutes after all of the food is gone. If you’re sucking on a sugary lollipop for half an hour your teeth can be fighting off dental erosion for up to an hour!
  3. Pickles. The process of pickling requires vinegar, which is very acidic. All of that concentrated acid can have a serious effect on your tooth enamel.
  4. Wine, Coffee, or Tea. All of these drinks are major offenders for causing stains on your teeth. The darker the beverage, the darker the stain. If you add sugar to your beverages you are increasing its negative attributes.
  5. Citrus Fruits. Like pickles, citrus is high in acid, citric acid to be precise, and it can wear away the enamel on your teeth. Drink water after eating limes or lemons to neutralize your mouth and don’t overdo your intake.
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