When is it Time to Consider Dentures?Nov 07 2019

Close up view on senior dentures As we grow older, our mouth, teeth and gums are naturally going to age along with the rest of our body. We may begin to lose a tooth here and there. A very common question that we hear is, do I really need dentures?

Are dentures the only choice you have? Watch this short video for the answer to that question.


The aging process can be a little taxing on the mouth. We may have challenges such as gum disease or receding gums. We also may lose a tooth or more than one. When these challenges arise we require the support of a specialist. What if you have brittle teeth? What if you have leakage from old fillings that can lead to cavities and even infections?

The good news is that Dr. Mark J. Warner is here to explain your choices to you and help you determine what treatment is right for you. At the end of the day, being properly informed will help you make the best possible choice–and that is exactly what we want for you.


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