Tips for Bringing Scared Kids to the DentistOct 05 2020

  1. First take charge of teaching your kids healthy dental routine habits. When you start young, they will be more comfortable with how to take care of their teeth, and with appointments. Start teeth cleaning appointments as early as you can.
  1. If you have your dental appointment in advance, tell your child a few weeks in advance so they can get used to the idea, and be ready for it.
  1. Love your dentist. Dr. Warner is great with kids. He is really good at making them comfortable. If your child is terrified of your dentist, consider changing dentists.
  1. Make sure your child actually brushes and flosses. The less cavities and problems come up at the dentist, the less scared they will be to come back next time.
  1. Hope for the best, but expect the worst. Every appointment is different, so go in with positive words and hope it goes well. If they have a meltdown, don’t freak out. It can happen anytime with kids.

We hope these tips help you and your child have more positive experiences at the dentist!

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