Tips For Making Brushing Your Child’s Teeth FunJan 06 2020


#1 MUSIC Do your kids have a favorite song? Chances are they have a few songs that they want to play on loop and never get tired of (but you might!). One easy way to help kids have fun with brushing their teeth is to play a song. Choose an upbeat tune, put some toothpaste on that toothbrush, and start brushing. It’s likely that your child will want to dance around and brush at the same time. It is also a great way to make sure they get in the habit of brushing their teeth for the recommended two minutes, two times a day. March around to the beat, or even brush to the beat, they’ll love it!

#2 CHOICES When you go to the store, maybe let your children pick out what toothbrush and/ or toothpaste they want. This will let them feel a little more in control when it comes to the whole brushing routine. You could even try multiple toothpastes so they can choose each time and not get bored. Doing this allows an opportunity for minds to be engaged when choosing and kids usually like to do what they want, so give them a chance to do that where everyone comes out smiling.

#3 TREATS When your kids do something good, reward them right? Another option you may consider is a treat. Make a chart they can check off every time they brush, and when they reach a certain number, reward them with whatever you want! Whether that is a food or an activity, they will feel good for being obedient and great when they get that something they love, a win- win, right?! No matter what way you get your child to brush their teeth, just remember it is teaching habits for when they are older! Start young and they’ll be more likely to continue in the upcoming years.

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