Trying the Quip Toothbrush for 3 Months- A ReviewSep 28 2020

I have recently been on the hunt for awesome toothbrushes. I love electric brushes, but they tend to be big and bulky and hard to travel with. I have heard good things about the Quip toothbrush, so I tried it out on a whim. I tried to the basic $25 toothbrush.


  1. I like that the toothbrush is similar in size to a normal manual toothbrush. It feels natural in my hand and aids with vibration as I brush like I would with a manual brush.
  1. It comes with a travel/storage case. You can put your toothbrush down into the case and it fits like a glove. Perfect for tight spaces and for traveling.
  1. Quip offers a subscription based service for just $5 and it gives you a new battery and toothbrush head every three months. The first replacement is free!


  1. It doesn’t vibrate as much as I would like. Coming from a normal electric toothbrush, it works a lot like a manual brush. It doesn’t spin or basically brush your teeth for you. I would’ve liked it to do more.

Overall it is a good brush for a lot less than its competitors. If you are in the market for a new brush, I recommend trying it. Especially if you are used to the normal manual toothbrush.

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