Veneers- They’re Not Just for Beauty Pageant ContestantsJun 08 2020

Veneers, made of a composite or dental porcelain, are becoming increasingly popular among the general public as a method to fix aesthetic imperfections of the teeth. Originally, they were invented in 1928 for actors so that the appearance of their teeth could be temporarily altered but only a decade later the veneers were adhered for more permanent wear.

Over time the process of creating the veneers, in both their basic compounds and shaping, has improved and now the veneers last between 10 and 30 years. It’s a trend in cosmetic dentistry that is continuing to rise. The original use for veneers, relating to actors and theatre arts, continued in a similar vein through their popularity in the world of beauty pageants. Known colloquially as ‘flippers’, expensive veneers can be worn to correct any dental imperfections and to cover gaps of lost baby teeth for young contestants.

The importance of perfection in the judging of beauty pageants encouraged this trend as the contestants could showcase straight, perfectly white teeth. Outside of the beauty pageant world dentists are finding some incredible uses for veneers that even step outside of cosmetic dentistry. Teeth that are fractured or weak can be covered by a thin veneer for protection and to avoid more wear.

There is also some discussion about using veneers as a substitute for traditional gold crowns and bridges. More dominantly, though, veneers are used to improve the look of teeth by covering gaps, crooked teeth, and recessed gums and providing a more uniform, even coloring and shape across the mouth. It’s a new kind of instant orthodontics that continues to gain popularity.

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