What are Teeth Made of? Why are They so Important to Keep Healthy?Feb 22 2022

What are Teeth made of?

Our teeth are made up of several layers of tissue. Pulp, dentin, enamel, and cementum. First there is the pulp, which is the most inner layer, made up of connective tissue, nerves, and blood vessels. This material help nourish the tooth. The pulp has two parts, the pulp chamber and the root canal. Those blood vessels and nerves go through the root canal into the pulp chamber, allowing nutrients to flow through all of it.

Next is the dentin. It is a yellow surface that surround that pulp. Our teeth have a yellowish tint, because of the dentin. Dentin is as hard as our bones, and makes up the most area of the tooth.

Enamel is the outer layer of the tooth, and is surrounds the dentin and pulp. It’s the hardest tissue in the body, so it can handle the pressure of chewing and protects from any harmful bacteria and temperature changes.

Lastly is the layer of cementum. It covers the outside of the root and helps keep your teeth in place. It acts sort of like glue, so your teeth don’t fall out!

Why are our teeth so important to keep healthy?

We are always told to brush our teeth and floss each day to keep our teeth strong and healthy, but why? Our teeth do more than just chew. They allow our language to take form, and help us speak. Teeth also help us smile. When we chew, it starts the process of digesting our food. These are just a few of the many things we use our teeth for. Something to keep in mind, is the food we eat. It can have a great affect on your teeth and mouth. If not properly cared for, those foods can eat away gums and teeth. This can lead to pain, and even disease. So please heed your dentist when they say, “Remember to floss and brush everyday!”

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