What Does Dental Insurance Cover?Aug 23 2020

Dental insurance can vary widely depending on many different factors. Some plans cover only the most basic of treatments. Others have annual dollar limits. Still others require a certain period of time to pass before certain procedures are covered. Watch this video where we give you helpful hints that will prepare you to discuss your insurance with Mark J. Warner DDS Inc.

The reality is that dental insurance can be quite complicated and often very confusing. Complexities like limits, procedures allowed and others may determine what is covered and what is not. If the need for orthodontics arises or the insurance company has rules regarding the age of patients there can be even more issues.

In addition, cosmetic dentistry is in a league of complexity all of its own and you will need to consult with your insurance company to see if in fact this is covered at all. Severe cases that require mouth reconstruction and multiple implants also need special consideration. And let’s not forget about the basics, simple teeth cleaning and the periodic toothache.

It is important for you to know and understand what your insurance company does and does not cover. We hope this video has proven helpful so that you will be more informed the next time you see Dr. Mark Warner.

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