What is a Root Canal?May 24 2021

We've all heard of a root canal, but do we actually know what it is? It sounds scary, but it isn't really.

In simple terms, a root canal is a treatment that gets rid of bacteria that is causing infection in the root canal of a tooth. It also helps prevent an infection from happening again and saving the natural tooth.

It is designed to help alleviate pain in the tooth and save teeth all around! Millions of teeth are given a root canal each year.

In a tooth, there are a few layers. The first is the enamel, or the white outside. Under that is a hard layer called dentin. After dentin comes a soft layer of tissue called pulp. This pulp holds blood vessels, connective tissue, and nerves that allow your tooth's root to grow healthily. A root canal treats the infected pulp, saving the tooth, since a fully matured tooth doesn't need pulp to survive.

A root canal doesn't hurt more than a normal filling and can get done in one or two appointments depending on the severity of damage. It can cause you to be sensitive for a few days after, but nothing serious.

Some signs you may be suggested to get a root canal are:

Pain while chewing

A chipped or broken tooth

Deep decay or darkening gums

Pimples on the gums

Lingering sensitivity to hot/cold, even after the sensation has been removed from the mouth

If you have any or multiple symptoms, please come get checked out! Root canals are not as scary as they seem!

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