What is Cosmetic Dentistry?Jul 16 2013

From slight alterations to major repairs, the dentist may execute a diversity of processes for the improvement of one’s smile. There are numerous treatment options available to repair teeth that are stained, chipped, distorted, or misplaced.

The most common cosmetic dentistry techniques include the following:

Bleaching is an ordinary and well-liked chemical procedure which helps in teeth whitening. Staining is common in the enamel and is the result of coffee, tea, medication and smoking. It may also be genetic or due to aging. The process of bleaching may be carried out by the dentist in the office over the course of several visits. It may also be performed at home with dental supervision. Many people prefer home bleaching as it is extremely comfortable for them.

Bonding is a term used for teeth coloring material which is utilized in filling gaps or changing the color of teeth. A person need only visit a dental clinic one time for bonding which lasts several years. Bonding materials may be slightly more susceptible to discoloration or chipping in comparison to other kinds of restoration.

Crowns are also referred to as “caps” in which teeth are coated to restore them to their usual form and appearance. Relatively more costly than other treatments, crowns offer the best outcome, even if they do take longer to place than their alternatives.

Veneers may be referred to as slight particles of ceramic placed over the front of the teeth in order to change the color or shape as required. They are utilized for teeth with irregular surfaces, stains, or abnormal shape, or for teeth that are otherwise not uniformly spaced or positioned. Veneers treat cases similar to those treated by bonding.

Contouring and reshaping is a process for correcting curved teeth, erratically bent teeth & overlapping teeth in one sitting. It is popularly used for altering the length, shape, or positioning of one’s teeth. It can also assist in minor issues with bite. Frequently, this treatment is combined with bonding to achieve the desired result. This process is perfect for patients with strong, healthy teeth who wish slight alterations to their smile.

Improving your smile can go a long way towards a more attractive appearance.   Talk to your dentist to find out which of these procedures would be best for you and your smile.

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