What to Do If You Chip a ToothNov 30 2020

Chipped teeth, or broken teeth, can occur with almost any activity you may preform. Whether it’s tripping over something, or playing a sport, we all need to know what to do. First things first, call your dentist. That will insure you get the best and closest appointment you can, and if it’s urgent, you can make an emergency appointment. The dentist will then give you tips on how to eat, drink, and manage pain until you see them.

Some tips may include: Protecting your gums or lips if the chip is near them. If there is a sharp edge, you’ll most likely cut your lip or irritate your gums. A solution is to put some wax or something similar around the chip, so it can’t hurt anything.

Eating can be difficult, especially if the chip is near a nerve. Hot, cold, and or hard foods can hurt you, so avoid them as best you can. Eat soft things, or sips a smoothie. Chew on the other side of your mouth to avoid further pain.

Take an anti-inflammatory medication, like ibuprofen, to help with swelling and or pain. A salt water rinse can also aid in helping with inflammation.

Once you get to the dentist, you will either get a filling or something more comprehensive like a crown, depending on the severity of the chipped tooth. Don’t worry, Dr. Warner can handle anything!

Always remember to be careful and wear protective gear when the activity needs it!

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