White Restorations-What are They?Aug 30 2020

Today, we’re lucky because dentists have an array of products they use for the white restorations that are required in order to get back a smile that you’re proud to show. The array can include anything from composite resin fillings to porcelain fillings and crowns, and doesn’t stop until your white restoration is complete and blends perfectly with your other teeth, making it undetectable to the human eye.

Many dentists employ tooth colored fillings to blend the filling with the natural color of the teeth, so that your smile will look like it never suffered any damage – be it from cavities or chips and cracks. There are two main types of filings, direct and indirect

Direct fillings are fillings formed from resin material that the dentist applies and then dyes to match your tooth perfectly. It’s applied directly when it’s soft, and then molded after it gets hard to match the contours of your tooth.  Finally, it is polished, so that it looks like there’s no difference between the filling and natural tooth.

Indirect fillings include inlays and onlays. These have to be constructed by a dental laboratory from porcelain, and then sent to the dentist who will bind them to your tooth. Once in place, these won’t be any different than your teeth, so no one will be able to tell the difference.

There are other white restoration methods, all designed to make your smile look beautiful. Depending on your needs, your dentist might recommend one or more solutions to make those pearly whites shine again!

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