Your Dentist: Early Detection of Oral CancerNov 14 2020

How Dentists Play a Part in Early Detection of Oral Cancer

With over 350,000 new oral cancers discovered each and every year, this is a serious sickness that is usually not diagnosed in time due to the fact that the symptoms are mimicking common oral problems like bleeding gums, canker sores, facial or throat pain, etc. Due to the fact that most oral cancers aren’t discovered in time, the treatment can’t be properly administrated. Unfortunately, this leads to a number of other problems that can lead to death.

The good news is, if diagnosed properly, the efficiency of treatment is increased and the success chances increase considerably.  It should not be surprising that dentists are the first line of defense against oral cancer, as these medical professionals are trained to recognize the early signs and symptoms of cancer.  This is why, it’s imperative that you keep your regular dentist visits.  In addition, should anything seem “out of place,” you need to immediately schedule an appointment with your dentist.  And if you live in Fairfield, CA, it only makes sense that you would want to see a Fairfield CA dentist.

What are the signs that should lead you to dialing your dentist’s office number immediately?

-        Eroded, crusty, rough spots that don’t heal

-        Gums and sore lips that don’t heal

-        Bleeding in the mouth

-        Hoarseness that doesn’t go away on its own and lasts more than a couple of weeks

-        Changes of color inside your mouth, meaning white, red, discolored or smooth patches

-        Difficulty in swallowing, chewing or speaking

-        Loose teeth

-        Wart like masses

At the same time, any soreness or oral change that doesn’t go away on its own within two weeks is a sign that you need to visit your dentist.  Keep in mind that it’s better to be safe than sorry, and, since dentists can spot more easily a problem that can be a sign or oral cancer, they are your number one destination should you or your loved ones and friends experience any of the above mentioned signs and symptoms.

Also, you should know that you need to avoid as much as possible smoking, drinking heavily, and prolonged sunlight exposure. A healthy and balanced diet of fruits and vegetables is known to help prevent cancer more than a diet that is solely based on meat and junk food. The old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” applies in this case as well.

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